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On Behalf of The Aggrieved Family

The loss of a family member by the wrongful conduct of another is tragic and devastating. And while no amount of civil justice will ever fully compensate you for the loss of a loved one, at some point you will want answers to questions regarding your legal rights in the wake of such a devastating tragedy.

At the Law Offices of Gunnar A. Lonson, we have the expertise to gather and analyze the facts surrounding the loss of your loved one, and construct a course of action that will ultimately provide you with compensation for your loss from the responsible parties. We will protect your rights and ultimately help you recover full compensation under the law.

We represent the family of a loved one lost by the wrongful conduct of another on a contingency fee basis. Thus you will not have to pay us in advance for representing your interests. A fee is paid to us only once compensation is paid to you either through settlement or a trial.

We have at our hands a bank of experts to call upon as the need arises to assist us in maximizing the amount of compensation you are likely to receive. We have the resources to make sure that your loss is fully compensated.

You can contact us today to arrange a free consultation to discuss your rights. Let us be on your side.

Wrongful Death Defense

Because we have a solid reputation for representing individuals and entities as cost-effectively as possible, we have also been called upon to defend wrongful death cases in those situations where the defendant does not have insurance coverage to provide an attorney. And we have done so with great success, including negotiating the dismissal, with only token settlement payments, of three individuals sued in the civil wrongful death lawsuit arising out of the celebrated murder of Nicholas Markowitz by Jesse James Hollywood and his cohorts.

Protect Your Rights If you have suffered the loss of a loved one at the hands of another, or if you have been sued in a wrongful death case and you do not have insurance coverage to provide you with an attorney, contact us today.